Hiking experiences

In the direct neighbourhood, there are also many opportunities to enjoy hiking. From our accommodation you can make beautiful walks in the surrounding area. Besides, from our accommodation you can walk several routes of the GR 249! We can bring you to the starting point, and pick you up at the finishing point later on the day. There are possibilities on the routes from Málaga to Marbella.

Extra information

Gran Senda de Málaga GR 249
The GR-249 is one of the newest and most popular GR’s in Andalusia, completed in 2014. The beautiful, varied and well-signposted route starts and ends in Málaga. The route from Alhaurín de la Torre to Alhaurín El Grande passes 10 minutes from our accommodation.

There you will also find the start of the walking route Sendero Presidiarios where you can walk in the forest in the mountains between the pine trees and other beautiful nature. Great views on several villages in the region, Málaga  city and the sea.

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Is a hiking game where you use a gps receiver or a phone with the app c:geo to find a so-called cache (hiding place).

In the cache there is always a logbook where the finder can leave his name. In the area of Alhaurín de la torre and Alhaurín el grande are several caches hidden. So plenty of opportunities for geocaching enthusiasts!

Apps for walking in the area on gps
There are several apps available for hiking with gps. One possibility is Wikiloc premium, the outdoor route app for Iphone and Android.

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El Caminito del Rey en El Torcal
More information about these 2 beautiful hiking- and natural parks we have described extensively elsewhere on our website.

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